Residential and Commercial Public Adjuster in Tampa

Experiencing damage to your home or business can grind your life to a halt without any warning whatsoever. We understand that when dealing with residential and commercial claims, time is of the essence, and we will get to work on your claim immediately.

Residential Damage

Any level of damage to your home can send your life into turmoil. Our goal is to bring you peace of mind and help get your life back on track with minimal interruption.

Commercial Damage

Every minute your business is affected by property damage, you’re losing profits. We coordinate with your insurance and restoration companies to get you back in business quickly and efficiently.

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Why Anchor Public Adjusting?

As devastating as property damage can be, peace of mind can come from simply knowing that you will be treated fairly when it comes to compensation. Anchor Public Adjusting is a public adjuster in Tampa that will conduct thorough reviews of your insurance policy and every aspect of your loss to ensure that absolutely nothing is missed.

We have helped countless property owners from Pinellas, Hillsborough, Pasco, Polk, Lake, Orange, Oscelo, Lee, and Collier Counties including private homeowners, small business owners, and even million-dollar estates and commercial properties receive fair treatment and will stand with you through the entire process until every last issue has been resolved.


The Reality of Insurance

Insurance companies have one specific goal in mind – to provide services to their clients while protecting their own bottom line. This often means that an insurance agent may toss in a low-ball offer. And since the policyholder is so desperate to get back to life as normal, they take this offer only to later realize that it wasn’t enough to cover everything.

Anchor Public Adjusting helps prevent that from happening. We will review the damage to your home or business ourselves and then devise an accurate and fair accounting of what you’re entitled to. We will fight on your behalf by providing them with a rundown of what needs to be covered. And wouldn’t you know it – their number very often increases!

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Do You Know?

Water Damage

Water damage is one of the biggest problems with any property because it can strike without warning and destroy everything from your walls and floors to your appliances and keepsakes. Since the level of damage is often far-reaching, having an experienced public adjuster in Tampa by your side is essential.

Mold Damage

Even the slightest bit of moisture can cause mold to propagate throughout your home or business, damaging property and creating an unhealthy environment. The insurance industry has stricter limitations with mold damage, and our Tampa public adjusting firm will fight for proper payment.

Denied & Underpaid Claims

Even in situations where your damage claims have been denied or underpaid, it’s never too late to be get fair treatment. Insurance companies have their own experts whose goal is to protect their bottom line. This is why you need your own public adjusting firm who will fight on your behalf. We will help you through the insurance claims process and help you recover from property damage.

Fire Damage

Homes and businesses are filled with appliances and wiring that can cause fire damage from the smallest of incidents. Whether a fire has been limited to your kitchen or has engulfed your entire property, a seasoned public adjuster in Tampa is exactly what you’ll need to get everything covered.

Severe Weather Damage

From intense winds and lightning strikes to fallen trees and heavy rain, severe weather damage in Florida is simply a reality of life that can occur at any time. When a storm hits and damages your home or business, you’ll need someone on your side to help put your life back together.

We can help you!

As your Public Adjuster, we ensure you get the financial settlement entitled to you. According to the Florida Legislature Office of Program Analysis & Government Accountability, many cases have received as much as 574-747% more than without a public adjuster involved. We look out for your best interest and don’t get paid unless you do.