17 Dec

When you need to call a public insurance adjuster.

Florida residents are well aware that damage to their homes and businesses can be commonplace during certain times of the year. Every citizen knows that storm damage claims will sometimes reach a fever pitch, which can be devastating as you scramble to get your life back to normal. Regardless of what type of damage your residential or commercial property has suffered, the best way to receive a fair settlement is to contact a public insurance adjuster who will fight for your rights. The question is, when should you call a Florida public adjuster? The easy answer, of course, is “immediately following damage to your home or business,” but the reality is that most people will first turn to their insurance company because that seems like the right thing to do. So, to clear up any confusion, we’re here to give you some information on when you should reach out to a public insurance adjuster following any damage to your property:

Insurance Company Giving You the Runaround

Every insurance company plays an important role in events that force you to make water damage claims in Tampa and other types of incidents. But, it’s important to remember that an insurance company is in the business of making money, and they will make less money if they pay you a high settlement amount. They will sometimes employ unscrupulous tactics such as giving you the runaround and putting you off so that when you receive any kind of settlement, you’re just relieved that it’s over and you accept it.

You Think You’re Being Treated Unfairly

Insurance companies often seem to treat their customers, people who have sometimes paid into their policy for years without ever using it, as nothing more than a number. With the use of a public insurance adjuster, you will have someone by your side to make sure that the insurance company doesn’t forget who you are and that they’re treating you respectfully through every step of the process.

Initial Claim Has Been Denied by the Insurer

Whether you’ve experienced sinkhole damage, mold damage, roof damage or even fire damage, there’s a possibility that your claim will initially be denied by your insurance company. This can be a stressful event for homeowners and business owners who are simply trying to get their life back on track. The first thing you should do if you’ve been denied is to not panic. Then, get in contact with a public adjuster who will help resubmit your claim.

You Have No Idea What a Fair Settlement Would Be

If you’ve experienced any kind of damage following a storm, accident, or mishap, it is often difficult to ascertain how much a fair settlement would actually be for the type and amount of damage that occurred. Many people will do research online, talk to friends, or even ask their insurance company, but since a public insurance adjuster handles a wide variety of claims every single day and isn’t attempting to give you a lowball offer like an insurer typically will, this is a great reason to turn to them for their expertise.

Fighting for a Fair Settlement Seems Difficult

Going through the process of a damage claim, regardless of its size, can often become a difficult process since most homeowners and business owners haven’t been through it multiple times and won’t know what to expect. Your life has already been put in turmoil or at least an inconvenience, so you probably don’t have any desire to deal with making a claim. To ease your stress and get back into your everyday life more quickly, letting a public insurance adjuster handle everything is your best choice.

You Don’t Have the Time to Handle the Process

Between going to work, picking kids up from school, taking your son or daughter to sports practice, balancing your budget, and attempting to find some free time, spending hours and hours dealing with a damage claim is probably not something that you want to do. This is why many people will take the first settlement amount received by their insurance company, because they simply don’t even have time to deal with the original claim, not to mention fighting for more money. A public insurance adjuster, on the other hand, has a very focus task to perform – handle every detail for you while fighting for the highest settlement amount possible.

Contact Anchor Public Adjusting for a Fair Settlement

The easiest way to handle any type of damage claim in Tampa is to enlist the services of Anchor Public Adjusting. Our friendly and knowledgeable public insurance adjusters will ensure that you receive the highest settlement possible with the least amount of worry. Contact us at 727-303-4967 to learn more about our services or to get started on your claim.