Mold Damage in Tampa

The Effects of Mold Damage on Your Household or Business

Mold damage in Tampa is a serious issue that can leave your home or business with not only an unsightly area to clean up, but it can also create an unhealthy environment that affects the respiratory system of anyone who is exposed to it. Mold damage claims must be made as soon as possible to keep the damage from worsening, especially in cases where toxic mold is found and if there is significant water damage.

What You Can Expect

Anchor Public Adjusting has been assessing mold damage and processing claims for many years. We understand the dangers of mold festering in your home or business, and will handle all of the footwork involved in making a claim and seeing it through. Thanks to our knowledge of the subject, we will get you a fair settlement.

Difficulties with Insurance Companies

Whether or not mold damage is covered by your insurance company depends on the circumstances that caused it. You need an experienced public adjusting firm on your side. Anchor Public Adjusting will take away all the stress that often accompanies filing claims and fight for fair compensation on your behalf.

Mold Damage Testing

Mold can come from a variety of sources – bathroom sink, water heater, heavy rainfall, etc. – and may not always be visible before it begins affecting the air quality of your home or business. The existence and severity of mold must be tested to see if professional remediation is necessary. Anchor Public Adjusting has relationships with several reputable remediation firms that are capable of testing samples in order to assess potential mold damage.

Working with Industry Experts for Mold Damage in Tampa

Since claims for mold damage in Tampa can often be tricky, it’s important that you enlist the assistance of the right professionals along the way. Anchor Public Adjusting has access to expert remediation companies with a great reputation for expedient and effective mold remediation. We will work directly with the very best of these industry experts to provide you with excellent service to help fix the problem.

Fighting for the Highest Possible Settlement

Florida’s warm, wet climate makes mold a common issue for many property owners. Anchor Public Adjusting will not only help ensure that your mold problem is remedied right away, but we will also fight for the highest possible settlement for the damage caused to your home or business. If you suspect that you have mold damage in Tampa, contact us today.