roof damage claims in tampa - Roof Damaged By a Tree

Roof Damage to Your Household or Business

Roof damage is typically the result of heavy winds, rainfall, and other storm elements, but also includes any other accidental damage. Roof damage claims in Tampa are quite common because of the inclement weather that homeowners and business owners are often exposed to. When a roof has been damaged, water and sometimes other debris will leak into the structure and damage the interior elements. In severe cases, roof damage can cause the structure to become weakened and even collapse, creating a very dangerous situation.

How Anchor Public Adjusting Can Help With Roof Damage Claims

Anchor Public Adjusting has many years of experience in dealing with all sorts of property damage, including roof damage resulting from storms and other issues. When we tackle a roof damage claim, we use our expertise to protect your rights and help you get a fair settlement based on your losses. Once the roof damage claim process has started, call a public adjuster immediately if you witness any of these situations:

  • Insurance adjuster doesn’t get on top of your roof
  • Insurance adjuster doesn’t inspect the entire roof for damage
  • Your roof damage claim has been undervalued or denied
  • Neighbors are getting full roof replacements while your insurer only wants to repair your roof

Working With Insurance Companies

Roof damage claims in Tampa can be difficult to navigate with your insurance company because most homeowners policies do not cover normal wear and tear. What often occurs is that claims based on sudden and unforeseen damage – which IS covered – are denied because the damage is incorrectly attributed to pre-existing conditions or natural degradation. This is why having a skilled public adjuster on your side is indispensable.

Advanced Technology to Assess Damage

Anchor Public Adjusting utilizes advanced roofing and moisture mapping technology that enables us to properly assess roof damage claims of all types and sizes. The use of this advanced technology provides our clients with the facts necessary to prove that the claim is being made on a sudden and unforeseen event. This means that the insurance company will be unable to successfully fight the claim.

Working with Industry Experts

Anchor Public Adjusting works with a variety of experts to ensure that any roof damage claims in Tampa that we take on receive professional attention and dedication. We are connected with the very best licensed general contractors, roofing contractors, engineers, water damage experts, and mold remediation and testing professionals who will work with us to get you the greatest possible outcome.

Highest Possible Settlements

It isn’t uncommon for an insurance company to give you a low-ball offer because they don’t have your best interest in mind. Anchor Public Adjusting will use its expertise and tenacity to fight for every cent that you are fairly owed from a roof damage claim. Call us now for a FREE home or business inspection and prevent a small leak in your roof from becoming a major problem.