24 Feb

Why you need to work with a public adjuster for rook leak insurance claims.

Florida is a beautiful state, but for part of the year, there are many areas that are susceptible to water damage due to heavy storms and hurricanes. This can often result in damage to your roof, leading to mild or severe leaks that can damage your property and put your home in danger. If you experience this type of problem with your home, then you’ll need to file a roof leak insurance claim with your policyholder. Unfortunately, the process can be long and drawn out, so it’s always best to seek the assistance of a public adjuster. Today, we’re going to delve into a few simple reasons why working with a public adjuster is always the best way to go.

Help You Understand Your Policy

Insurance policies are chock-full of “legalese,” which means they can sometimes be a little difficult to decipher. Very often, a homeowner won’t be exactly sure of when roof damage is covered by their policy or at what point they can file a claim. A public adjuster will go over your policy thoroughly and explain all of the details in clear terms that you can understand.

Handles the Entire Process for You

As mentioned above, filing a roof leak insurance claim can be a long, arduous process. There’s paperwork to fill out, people to call, and follow-ups to be made. Dealing with your insurance carrier while you’re trying to continue with your work and home life can take time away from things that matter most. By enlisting the help of a public adjuster, you can continue on with life is normal while someone else handles the entire process.

Lower Your Stress Level

Not only do water damage claims in Tampa take a lot of time and energy, but they can also be stressful. This is especially true when the roof damage is considerable because your life is being disrupted throughout the day and night. Since an adjuster will be handling the entire process, you can relax a bit more while you wait for the claim to be complete.

Not Afraid to Push Things Along

Public adjusters deal with insurance companies all the time, and they understand that policy carriers often drag their feet. Many policyholders are afraid to pick up the phone and pressure them to speed up the process a little, but an adjuster will understand when it’s appropriate to prod them along. It’s also important to note that since insurance carriers are aware of this, which means that just having an adjuster handling your roof leak insurance claim is likely to prevent delays.

Avoid Common Filing Mistakes

Even though making a roof damage claim in Tampa is pretty straightforward, it isn’t uncommon for mistakes to be made. In some situations, mistakes will delay the process, but or could also result in an initial denial and then you have to start the process all over again. Public adjusters work with claims every day and will ensure that everything is done correctly the first time so that the claim can be settled as soon as possible.

Provides Chance of a Higher Amount

Insurance companies are obviously in the business of making money, which often means that they will attempt to give you a lowball offer and hope that you take it. Many homeowners, desperate to get everything over with so that their life can return to normalcy, will take that first offer. Public adjusters will be able to maximize your payout amount because they understand what the limits truly are for the damage to your roof.

Contact Anchor Public Adjusting for Tampa Insurance Claims

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