24 Jan

When should you consider filing a home insurance claim?

Like any state, Florida has its fair share of water damage, fire damage, roof damage, and even sinkhole damage claims as a result of severe storms, accidents, and other natural or manmade disasters. This is why homeowners insurance is such an integral part of owning a home because, without coverage, many people could lose their livelihoods or entire savings.

Filing a claim will take time and energy, but it’s often what homeowners need to get their life back to normal. The question is, when should you file a home insurance claim when your household has suffered damage?

Let’s explore the answer to that question, along with the right time to enlist the help of a public adjuster in Tampa.

When to File a Home Insurance Claim

Filing a home insurance claim is entirely within your right as a homeowner, but many people don’t seem to know when making a claim is the right thing to do. Here are a few reasons why it would be time to file:

Severe Damages or Total Loss- This one is probably a no-brainer. If your home has experienced extensive damage to either its exterior and interior, it’s definitely time to take advantage of your homeowner’s insurance policy. The same is obviously true if your house is a total loss. Understanding and using your homeowner’s insurance properly will relieve stress and prevent financial fallout.

Damages Are Above Your Deductible- If your policy’s deductible is $1,000 and your damages only equal $1,500, then making a claim probably isn’t worth it. There’s no precise guideline as a limit over the deductible is too much, of course, because you’ll be using your own judgment here. Once several thousand dollars in damages are involved, the choice should be simple.

Your Last Claim Was a Few Years Ago- Insurance companies may be reluctant to cover you in the future if they see that you’ve made multiple claims in recent years, even if those claims are all legitimate. Again, there’s no exact guideline and it will depend on the specific circumstances, but you should try to avoid making more than one claim every few years unless it is absolutely necessary.

When You Should Contact a Public Adjuster?

Many homeowners also don’t understand when it’s in their best interest to hire a claims adjuster for assistance. Here are a few reasons by seeking professional help will be the right thing to do:

Too Much Going on in Your Life- Handling the claims process can be quite time-consuming, even when things go smoothly. If your home has experienced extensive damage you already have plenty to do in order to get your life back on track. Letting a professional handle all the details will give you more time to focus on other priorities.

Dealing with the Insurer Is Stressful- Insurance companies are a business and will often delay the payout of your claim or give you a lowball offer and hope that you take it. Dealing with the damage to your home is stressful enough and a public adjuster can handle the insurance company throughout the entire process for you.

Your First Claim Was Denied- It isn’t uncommon for an insurance company to deny a claim that appears to be valid. There are several reasons why this could happen, all of which a professional adjuster can help fight. They will gather additional information, look for things that might have been missed by the insurance company, and then decide on a plan of attack to increase the likelihood of making a successful claim.

Contact Anchor PA for Insurance Claim Assistance

Filing a homeowner’s insurance claim when your property has sustained damage or household members have been injured is a lot easier with the help of a public claims adjuster. Anchor PA has spent years helping homeowners just like yourself receive a fair amount for damages to their property.

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