18 Sep

Suggestions for hiring a claims adjuster for insurance claims.

Getting your life back in order after experiencing storm damage, water damage, mold damage, sinkhole damage, roof damage, or fire damage in Tampa can be a long, arduous process. When you add making an insurance claim into the mix, which will be a necessity, this experience can become an even greater hassle. The last thing you want to do is to be forced into going back and forth with the insurance company by yourself. Hiring a claims adjuster is definitely your best option. To help you understand the importance of utilizing a claims adjuster in Tampa and what they bring to the table, let’s go over a few of the major benefits of hiring a claims adjuster.

Years of Experience Make a Difference

The good news is that most homeowners don’t need to file damage claims on a regular basis. The drawback to this, of course, is that not being familiar with the process and how to get the most out of it. Hiring a claims adjuster with years of industry experience will ensure that everything goes smoothly, that you are treated fairly throughout the process, and that no mistakes will be made.

Know-How to Deal with Insurance Companies

No one likes dealing with an insurance company, no matter how professional or experienced they are. The truth is, even the “best” and “most trusted” insurance companies don’t have your best interests at heart and will operate as any business would, with a bottom line that they must protect. Hiring a claims adjuster will turn control of your damage claim over to experts who understand the ins and outs of your insurance company.

Relieves the Stress of the Damage Claim

Just the fact that you’ve experienced damage in your home is enough to cause loads of stress as you attempt to get your life back to normal. Hiring a claims adjuster will allow you to turn the reins over to a seasoned professional who will take that burden off of you and handle the process from beginning to end. This means you’ll have one less thing to worry about, which will greatly benefit you and your household.

Helps Maximize the Settlement Amount

As mentioned above, your insurance company is a business that has a bottom line it must protect. This means that even well-intentioned insurance agents will attempt to send you a low-ball offer, hoping that you will take it just so that you can move on with your life. Hiring a claims adjuster will help you prevent such things because the adjuster will not only be familiar with these tactics but will make sure that everything that is covered by your insurance policy is taken into consideration.

Public Adjusters Have a Stake in the Settlement

It’s always best to have someone fighting by your side who also has a stake in the outcome. When hiring a claims adjuster, what you’re doing is working with someone who will deal with your damage claims on a contingency basis, and then take a percentage of the settlement amount. Even though you will be giving up part of your settlement, the increases that you will typically see to the final payment, not to mention the other benefits listed above, will be more than worth it.

Contact Anchor Public Adjusting for Your Claims Adjuster Needs

Hiring a claims adjuster in Tampa is an important step to getting your life back on track. The professionals at Anchor Public Adjusting can help you with storm damage claims in Tampa and related types of damage that could disrupt your life. If you’ve experienced a life-altering event, give us a call at 727-303-4967 and we’ll get started.